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Digital Content

Terms of Use

Use of Service

The buyer only buys a license to print an image or educational content for non-commercial use (personal home use).

All PDF files have PDF stamping enabled. A PDF stamp is a security measure that has proven to be a successful method against piracy. It discourages buyers from sharing our products elsewhere online because the buyer's credentials will be available for everyone to see. It literally stamps the buyer's email address at the bottom of every single page of the document.

Bosch Studio license does NOT permit:

a. Sale or distribution of Content as digital Content, digital wallpapers (such as on stock media websites), or any other digital format;

b. Sale or distribution of Content e.g. as a posters, digital prints, books, or any physical products, or any other printed format;

c. Depiction of identifiable persons in an offensive, pornographic, obscene, immoral, defamatory or libelous way; or

d. Any suggestion that there is an endorsement of products and services by depicted persons, brands, vocalists and organizations;

e. The use of any images or educational content in any digital format, including wallpapers, emails, websites, e-books, training material, etc.

Copyright & Ownership

Copyright and ownership of any digital content remains with Bosch Studio. The buyer does not buy any rights to the digital content purchased.

Indemnification for breach of Terms

You agree to indemnify and hold harmless Bosch Studio from and against any and all loss, expenses, damages, and costs, including without limitation reasonable attorneys fees, resulting, whether directly or indirectly, from your violation of the Terms. You also agree to indemnify and hold harmless Bosch Studio from and against any and all claims brought by third parties arising out of your use of the digital images.

Breach of Terms of Use

Violation of any of the above terms of use will result in a penalty of $5000.00. Bosch Studio shall be allowed to apply for injunctive remedies (or an equivalent type of urgent legal relief) in any jurisdiction. If Bosch Studio is required to enforce its rights hereunder in a court of competent jurisdiction, Buyer agrees to reimburse Bosch Studio all costs and expenses of such litigation, including; but not limited to; reasonable attorneys' fees and court costs.